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Author:  jchapman [ Wed Feb 18, 2009 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: many networks

whotut wrote:
Hi,I have one physical server (Ubuntu).
I have installed Openl2tp successfully.
And now I want configure it.
I want to get this scheme is worked -
2 peers in one logical network, and 3 peers in different one logical network.
For example, 2 peers from and server IP
and 3 peer from and server IP
Now I have only first part of it. How I can assign to server another IP ?
I'm trying to do it in config file:
ppp profile modify profile_name=default \
local_ipaddr= \

ppp profile create profile_name=psk \
local_ipaddr= \

Radius assign IP for peers, and it's working correctly.
I something miss ?

Use peer profiles to distinguish the different peers, and have those profiles reference ppp profiles which use the IP addresses that you want.

For example, if your first group of public IP is, configure a peer profile as follows

peer profile create profile_name=group1 peer_ipaddr= netmask= ppp_profile_name=ppp1

Then create the ppp profile ppp1 to use the desired IP addresses for the PPP connection from peers in the subnet

ppp profile create profile_name=ppp1 local_ipaddr= use_radius=yes

When incoming L2TP tunnel setup requests arrive from, they will match peer profile "group1", which will cause the ppp profile "ppp1" to be used, unless overridden by other settings. Create as many peer profiles for different subnets as required.

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